Affiliate Program

BuyWyz Affiliate Program

Would you like your company to more easily compete with the Big Box Stores, Online Giants and your Local Independent Competitor?
If the answer is Yes, then consider joining the BuyWyz team. BuyWyz has created an affiliate program to help smaller independent dealers to do just that. Compete more easily with your competition.

Here’s what to expect as a BuyWyz Affiliate:

• Unique SPR account number to purchase products from.
• The ability to sell HP products.
• Enjoy a better costing structure on General Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Janitorial and Breakroom Products then what you currently receive.
• Expect higher gross margins across the board.
• Lower Freight Plans.
• Take advantage of the BuyWyz programs including Keurig Coffee Makers & K-cups along with the Global Source Program.
• Advertising allowance.
• Telephone support when searching for products and better costs.
• Website (additional cost).

Continue to run your business independently of BuyWyz. Everything stays the same except you will now be able to compete more easily.
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